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The RS-QRT is a temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor



Air is a gaseous envelope that surrounds the Earth and forms the atmosphere. Along with the oceans, the atmosphere greatly influences climate and weather conditions on Earth, as well as the population of some parts of the Earth. Atmospheric conditions at the appropriate position and time determine the weather conditions, including winds, clouds, precipitation, temperature, relative humidity and gases such as CO2.

More recently, the increasing attention of scientific and professional public is focused on the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and in particular on the continued increase in their concentration. Greenhouse gases, the most significant of which are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), didodic oxide (N2O) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) absorbs the Earth's warmth.

Type of sensor

MOX sensor, CMOS


RS-QRT, temperature, humidity and carbon (IV) dioxide sensor satisfy the needs of end users and investors through energy savings, justification of future investments, controlled space conditions, convenient and easy system maintenance, easy controllability and environmental care.

Analog and digital data output


Temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor



Sensor for CO2 level detection, temperature and relative humidity in the air for surface installation in the rooms and office spaces. For direct connection to the monitoring system, 0-10 V outputs and/or Modbus protocol with RS485 interface are used...


Temperature, humidity and CO2 detection

Device options

RhT or QRT



The end user of the sensor is a construction sector that includes small and large hotels, small and medium-sized enterprises, residential business buildings and similar complexes that requires a zone regulation of temperature, humidity and air quality.


Digital sensor


Process automation reduces the need for human intervention, and energy-saving innovations save your money and preserve the environment.


The person who moves mountains, begins by carrying away small stones.

- Chinese proverb



For direct connection to the monitoring system, 0-10 V outputs and/or Modbus protocol with RS485 interface are used.


Depending on customer needs, the device comes in RhT variants - moisture and temperature measurement, QRT - moisture, temperature and CO2 measurement.

Connecting sensor to a central monitoring systems has a significant role in control and alarming.

Ušteda energije

Povezivanje osjetnika na centralno nadzorno upravljačke sustave ima značajnu ulogu u upravljanju i alarmiranju u slučaju pojave nepoželjnih pokazatelja i doprinosi značajnim uštedama na potrošnji energenata te pospješuje učinkovitost sustava.

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Postojeće konvencionalne sušare, s obzirom da najčešće koriste električne grijače, troše puno energije. Upravo visoka potrošnja energije, negativni je aspekt postojećeg stanja koje je uspješno riješeno sušarama SINAI i THAR.

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Sušare se općenito sastoje od dva glavna dijela, jedinice za odvlaživanje-grijanje zraka i komore za sušenje.


Jedinica za odvlaživanje je odvojiva i može se primjeniti na već postojeće komore korisnika. Komora za sušenje se može prilagoditi veličinom prema korisnikovim potrebama.

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RS-QRT device for measuring temperature, humidity and CO2

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We are specialized in the implementation of various solutions with many years of experience in the field. We can offer support and development of various solutions in the HVAC area and provide state-of-the-art computer support in gathering and checking data, data entry, policy setting, testing and programming.

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